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Culinary Background & Influence….

Born in Benevento, Italy, he became passionate about cooking at a very early age. His mother became ill and bedridden for months when he was just 8 years old. His father and brothers would go off to work, leaving Silvio with his grandmother to tend to the house. Silvio learned how to make soups, sauces and pasta dishes from his grandmother as he began to take on more and more responsibilities in the kitchen. He also discovered that food can be healing as he helped his grandmother make chicken soup for his mother while he also enjoyed the creativity process in his kitchen.

"Back then we didn't go to the market, our backyard was the market. We would pick our own fruit and vegetables, chickens were available, along with fresh herbs for our meals."

At age 20 he came to America and at 22 he was working at Del Monaco's alongside Internationally and Award winning Chefs from Naples and Milan. One chef came from the prestigious Cordon Bleu in Paris, France, and Silvio's Mediterranean cooking experience expanded due to the hands-on learning and doing method. His mother-in-law (Del Monaco) was also an influential teacher for young Silvio.

Chef Silvio and his wife Vittoria ran Del Monaco's famed restaurant for 25 years before opening Café Allegre in Madison, CT.